Annual Afrikan Tech Round Up
17th Jan 2017 |  Technology, Media and Telecommunications  


KO Associates is a premier law firm with specialist focus on technology, media and telecommunications legal practice in the region. In line with our mission to provide comprehensive, up to date and relevant international service to TMT clients, we shall be participating at the first Annual African Tech Round Up. The platform brings together some of the top technology and communications industry leaders and professionals in the Continent to share the insights and trends they have observed during 2016 and what we can expect in 2017. iAfrikan is a technology company that produces content, podcasts, events, publications and other services about the burgeoning innovation and technology sector and how it affects culture, business and day to day life on the African continent. Our Managing Associate and Industry Expert, Nzilani Mweu, shall be speaking at the event offering insights and experience in the field of TMT legal practice in Kenya and the region.

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