Energy & Infrastructure Projects

Projects in energy and infrastructure require lawyers who understand the right balance between the concerns of the private sector stakeholders, including the shareholders of the project company and the funders, and the needs of the public sector through government agencies or local authorities. We aim to help our clients, including commercial lenders, development banks, export credit agencies, governments, international financial organizations, project sponsors and suppliers and purchasers and contractors, to respond effectively to the changing shape of the energy and infrastructure sector, brought about by market liberalization and its implications – including market consolidation and restructuring.

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We advise clients on all legal aspects of energy and infrastructure transactions from project structuring, joint development arrangements to bidding and contraction especially on Public – Private Partnership Projects. Specific areas of our expertise that are of particular relevance include:

  • Concession agreements and related performance regimes.
  • Construction agreements
  • Facilities management / operating agreements
  • Equipment leasing / procurement arrangements
  • Joint venture, consortium and other partnering arrangements
  • Financing arrangements, including transactions financed on a non/limited recourse basis
  • Privatizations
  • Contractor arrangements and outsourcing
  • Public tendering, including advising on and participating in the evaluation of tenders for public contracts
  • Public procurement rules and regulations.

The Projects (energy and infrastructure) practice provides innovative legal advice, including expertise in capital markets, corporate, construction, environment, litigation, /PPP, project finance, restructuring, real estate and tax. We specialize in the specific requirements of the energy and infrastructure sector, specifically within the telecommunication infrastructure, mining and resources, petroleum, power and transport sectors. We are committed to helping clients keep pace with market and regulatory developments including, for example, trends in carbon capture, emissions and energy trading and geothermal and wind power developments, as well as enabling them to enter new markets, protect their interests and manage risk.

K&O has established core teams in the projects (energy and infrastructure) practice. The teams develop in-depth knowledge of the client’s core business and mission in any given set up. At K&O we guarantee resourcefulness in offering valuable and long solutions for each matter. We take pride in building expertise in all areas of projects practice. Our engagements with a wide range of clients enable us to anticipate some of the hurdles or issues that clients in a similar field or doing similar consultancies are likely to face. We also refer queries to various legal experts within the Prae Legal network with regard to cross-border transactions.


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