Technology, Media and Telecommunications

We provide a comprehensive, international service to TMT clients whether locally or through our network of lawyers in other jurisdictions. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of the telecoms sector and extensive knowledge of the requirements on licensing, compliance, infrastructure sharing and financing projects. We offer transactional and advisory services to leading telecom operators, internet service providers, major media companies, and government regulatory agencies. Our transactional and advisory services include telecom companies’ incorporation, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and joint ventures.

We represent our clients before courts, arbitrators, mediators, administrative and statutory tribunals

Our Services

We act for the full range of technology, media, telecommunications and electronics companies; both domestic and international. In addition, we have acted for those who support the sector such as banks, venture and private equity capitalists, industry bodies, regulators and governments. In particular, our practice encompasses the following areas;


We handle all aspects of commercial technology agreements including international products and technology licensing, data protection and privacy. We provide representation in contentious and non-contentious issues, procurement, outsourcing, software licenses.


Corporate, finance, commercial and regulatory advice for publishers, TV and radio broadcasters, cable and satellite operators, film and TV production companies, new digital companies, and fixed and mobile portal operators; Broadcast regulations, media convergence, Protection of confidential information, privacy and information management.


We provide commercial and regulatory telecommunications advice, including fixed line, mobile, internet and satellite. System and supply Contracts, interconnection Agreements, Competition Issues, Privatizations, Information Systems Outsourcing, Advisory on telecommunications Projects including international fiber optic infrastructure projects, co-location and hosting arrangements and the provision of broadband capacity to existing property portfolios.

Intellectual Property

We work closely with our clients to develop, protect, promote and enforce their intellectual property rights. We offer pragmatic advisory on registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, database rights, among other IP related issues. We advise our clients on negotiation and drafting of IP related agreements such as transfer of technology rights, sponsorship agreements, franchising deals, supply and distribution agreements, equipment leasing agreements, site leasing agreements. We represent our clients in trademark, copyright, passing off litigation claims. Our experience is on both local and international jurisdictions.


We advise manufacturers and suppliers of consumer electronics and infrastructure equipment, as well as companies in the semiconductor and display industries; includes specialist services in intellectual property, customs and trade, competition law and product liability.

Competition and Regulation

We advise our clients all aspects of Kenya competition and regulatory law, including market investigations, responses to consultation, and compliance training programmes. We advise on regional competition and regulatory laws such as EAC, SADC and COMESA. We review business practices of our clients and provide advisory and solutions to ensure that they are in compliance with all applicable competition laws. We advise our clients on consumer rights arising out of Competition laws. We have an in-depth knowledge of the dynamics in broad range of sectors that ensures our clients get the most sector relevant, practical and accurate solutions.


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