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Webinar : Legal and Regulatory Issues in Adoption of Cloud Services

The adoption of cloud services has revolutionized how organisations manage and store data, enabling greater flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in their operations. However, navigating the legal and regulatory landscape remains a paramount concern for businesses amidst the myriad benefits of cloud services. As organisations increasingly rely on cloud technology to drive innovation and growth, understanding and addressing cloud adoption regulations has been a pressing topic.  

Currently, there is no dedicated legislation overseeing the provision of cloud services in Kenya. Nevertheless, there exist pertinent guidelines and regulations applicable to cloud service provision. 

Our recent webinar titled “Legal and Regulatory Issues in Adoption of Cloud Services” delved into the intricate legal and regulatory challenges associated with the adoption of cloud technology in organizations. Led by a panel of industry experts and legal professionals from KO Associates, the webinar provided valuable insights into key topics such as data protection laws, mitigating legal and regulatory risks, cross-border implications, and intellectual property concerns in the context of cloud services adoption.  

Additionally, the panel addressed the legal implications of AI as a data tool and offered strategies for risk mitigation. How to respond in the event of a data breach by the cloud service provider as an organization was also covered. 

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